Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to be an ArtCan artist? 
Our application portal is open twice a year, from March – April and September – October, via our website.

Please visit our dedicated page for the link to the application form. All our Terms and Conditions and submission requirements are included in the form.

I am not based in the UK, can I apply to ArtCan?
Absolutely! ArtCan is incredibly proud to have diverse artist members all around the globe, and we look forward to welcoming new members soon.

Do you respond to all emails?
Yes – especially applications to ArtCan, or one of our exhibitions!

If you do not receive an acknowledgement, it means your email was not received and it is worth resending or checking you have used the correct email address.

For general enquiries, please use our Contact Us form.

Can I submit my portfolio to you?
We only accept artist applications via our website twice a year, and we do not provide portfolio reviews. Please do not send your details or images to us unless you are applying to join ArtCan.

Do you take a sales commission? 
We are a non-commission organisation and 100% of money from any artworks sold via an ArtCan exhibition go directly to the artist.

Are you a gallery?
No. We work with galleries and exhibition spaces to deliver our programme, but other than the ArtCan Virtual Gallery we don’t have a permanent space aligned to ArtCan (yet)!

Are you an Artists Agent?
No. We offer exhibiting opportunities and a network for artists to explore and develop their practice. Further reading on this can be found via our ‘About Us’ page.  

Can you promote my exhibition on your social media platforms?
If you are an ArtCan artist we would love to celebrate your projects and events across our social media platforms. If you would like the same opportunity, then applications to become an ArtCan artist are accepted via our application form twice each year.

Could we collaborate with you?
We love to collaborate, and would be pleased to hear from you. Please complete our contact form, or DM us via our social media platforms with a contact email, and our Founder Kate Enters will be in touch as soon as possible.

I am a corporate organisation – how can I work with you?
We have successfully worked with corporate organisations by developing exhibitions within their office spaces, offering membership to ArtCan and developing Corporate Art Parties to name but a few initiatives. We would be very pleased to talk to you about a bespoke partnership. Please complete the contact form on our website or DM us via our social media platforms with a contact email and our Founder Kate Enters will be in touch as soon as possible.

Are you a charity?
No. We are a registered non-profit organisation and entirely volunteer run.

Can I apply to curate an ArtCan exhibition?
We love to hear from new curators, for both virtual and physical shows, so if you would like to apply you can do so via our application form here >>