What is the Point? debuted in 2013 with 17 artists from six countries.

Maria Ader – Mélanie Dupas-Eefting – Alejandrina Solares – Luis Casanova – Adam Newton – Alex Bell – Annabelle Stevens – Bradley Mallett – Ellen Kemad – Harley Price – Karen Lynn – Karl Nash – Kate Enters – Micky Modo+Spire – Oliver Bedeman – Sophy Robertson Smith – Michael Ryan

For more information about the 2013 cohort, visit our What is the Point? Artist Page.

Download the 2013 Exhibition Brochure (PDF, 4MB)

What Is The Point? 2013
6th – 28th JUNE 2013 

‘What Is The Point?’ is a group exhibition for UK and International 2D artists. Supported by the Adam Street Gallery on the Strand, London, the exhibition will run for the month of June 2013.

Organised by artist Kate Enters, this is a group show of 17 contemporary UK and International artists who do not currently have formal UK gallery representation. All have agreed to support this initiative as a collaborative artistic process and all are responding to the title of the exhibition by creating a new artwork for this occasion. The artists were chosen by a committee from a long list of applicants. Rules and regulations have been agreed that cover everything from the size of the artwork to bringing a set number of guests to the private view.

An example of the debate this title offers to an artist is outlined in these initial statements from two of the artists involved:

‘Most of us in our daily lives are missing the true point, the true nature of reality. We clutter our consciousness with compulsive thought, memories, and negativity that gain control over us and rule our lives.’ — Michael Ryan

‘Am I looking to create art based on the question, or am I looking to answer the question in my piece? From which metaphorical location is this question asked? How can I shape this complex abstract question into a tangible piece of art?’ — Ellen Kemad

Kate Enters decided to set up this initiative to support artists with incredible potential to reach a wider audience in and beyond the Art world. She has often expressed the opinion that individuals working alongside each other create power through their numbers and their sharing of information and contacts. Therefore this exhibition is the inaugural collaboration of what she hopes will become an annual feature on the International Art Calendar.

She is supported by a strong committee:
Steven Pottle – Artist and Poet
Peter D-Eugenio – Art collector and entrepreneur
Bradley Mallet – Artist
Vivi Ibru Stankov – Collector of International Contemporary Art.

Adam Street is delighted to be supporting this new initiative for UK and International contemporary artists. The club is renowned for its cultural support within the London social scene and regularly exhibits contemporary artists within the gallery space.

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