Why become an ArtCan artist?

Our artists often express that what they value most about being a member of the ArtCan family is the sense of community. With ArtCan, no matter where you are around the world, you have access to a vibrant and friendly bunch of artists to bounce ideas off, develop new collaborations with, and to answer your burning questions about the nitty gritty of being an artist.

ArtCan believes that artists need access to resources, exhibitions, and specialists to help maximise the chances of sustaining their practice. We collaborate on exhibitions around the world as well as online, and if you sell work through our shows, all the profits go to you.

We hold regular social events and fundraisers, and we host regular workshops to further develop our artists skills, answer business and marketing questions, and provide expert knowledge and opinion on the topics that matter most to our members. All free of charge!

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