Artist Feature: Lea Layeux

As one of the artists taking part in our ‘Alchemical’ exhibition, we invited Léa Layeux, known as Oxalea, to share her processes and inspiration…

Lifeline I by Lea Layeux

I mainly work with plants that I pick responsibly in the Alps. I then press these so that the plants retain their colours; occasionally I work with already dried plants. For instance, the work I had included in ArtCan’s recent exhibition was a preserved coltsfoot leaf which I hand gilded.

I love being in the mountains, it’s my natural environment. Through my work with plants I transmit luminous messages, full of hope, so that we humans can find ourselves in nature and work to protect it.

I am deeply convinced that it is urgent to transform the fear of the unknown by a better knowledge of nature, in order to preserve it. I want to raise awareness and educate through discovery; it is time to observe what is at our feet before we look up to the sky…

I would love to dedicate myself solely to my art, and I am convinced I will soon be able to, but for the moment I am still working as a freelance graphic designer and webmaster. I also have training in technical laboratory sciences, which kickstarted my fascination with plant biology.

I have been particularly influenced by the romanticism of the 18th century – artists like Caspar David Friedrich, sometimes called one of ‘the most important German artists of his generation’.

The advice I would give to artists who are just starting out is to believe in yourselves – everything is possible, and if our little inner voice tells us to go for it, there should be no hesitation! We only have one life!

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