Curators: Jill Desborough, Lee Eveson & Rebecca Tucker
The Crypt Gallery – London

6 – 11 September 2022

International non-profit arts organisation ArtCan, in partnership with Suna Interior Design, is launching a new group exhibition, LEGACY, at the Crypt Gallery in London.

This exhibition exploring the theme of “Legacy” will be showing in the wonderfully atmospheric Crypt Gallery under St Pancras Church, Euston Road in London. The show is sponsored by Suna Interior Design Company and will feature over 100 works by selected ArtCan artists. 

Evocative, thought provoking and diverse sculptural, painterly, printmaking and photographic responses, inspired by interpretations of the concept of legacy will be exhibited.

” Land that was once heaving with industry has now been rewilded.. the land once fed and sustained our ancestors and we now turn to it for comfort… our mental and physical needs..”

“It explores the unravelling of coming to terms with my identity and sense of self.”

“This legacy…the tools of my trade, my hands and my paint brushes..”

“The work is about the creation of the written word and books…learning and understanding our history..”

“Events practiced in the past that leave an enduring and often raw echo.”

“The use of handmade pigments… the legacy of using earth to tell a story..”

” My subject is energy.. the dance of life in natural, humans and the universe beyond. “

“Stories from my socially engaged practice for autism.. my practice is around my son who is autistic and a selective mute”

“We are all shaped by the materiality of the past… memories and associations, Legacies of past times and “other cultures.”

Participating artists: 

Adam Dobby, Alison Lam, Amanda Blunden, Amy-Leigh Bird, Anne Griffiths, Ben Snowden, Brian Harris, Caroline Banks, Caroline Wheaton, Cat Coulter, Cath Stocker, Catherine Sweet, Claire Cansick, Claire Chandler, Corinne Natel, Debbie Tearle, Desa Philippi, Dominika Prinz, Ellie Bird, Emma Foster, Emma Hill, EmperorSessle44, Ernesto Romano, Fay Gibson, Fran Fell, Francesca Ciaudano, Geraldine Molia, Gill Edwards, Heather Burwell, Henryk Terpilowski, Ingrid Barber, Jacqui Painter, Jan lee Johnson, Jane Higginbottom, Jane Hindmarch, Jess de Zilva, Jessie Woodgate, Jill Meager, Jill Desborough, Jo Angell, Jude Wild, Judith Burrows, Karl Singporewala, Kristin Rawcliffe, Laura Parker, Lawrence Mathias, Lee Eveson, Lesley Oldaker, Lesley O’Neill, Linda Chapman, Lisa-Marie Price, Liz Whiteman Smith, Lucy Chapman, Maria Kaleta,       cont..

Marigold Plunkett, Mark Munroe-Preston, Marsha Roddy, Mieke Douglas, Mimi Zouch, Miranda Lopatkin, Mirella Bandini, Neal Vaughan, Patricia Bidi, Phil Cope, Prithi Brinkley, Rebecca Tucker, Richard Paton, Ruth Bowey, Sally Burch, Sandra Camargo, Sara Reeve, Sarah Bird, Shilpa Agashe, Stathis Dimitriadis, Stefania Boiano, Sue Ransley, Svetlana Atlavina, Sylvia Bahri, Sylvie Millen, Taya De La Cruz, Teresa Schippel Hales, Teresa Zerafa Byrne, Tracey Elizabeth Downing, Viv Owen, Wendy Brooke-Smith, Yeside Linney

About Suna

Suna Interior Design is an award-winning boutique design consultancy, headed up by Rebecca Tucker and Helen Fewster. Working with property developers across the UK for over twenty years, the dedicated team bring a balance of flair, creativity and pragmatism to its designs. With an approach that goes beyond aesthetics, Suna design the living experience of the homes they create, unifying practicality and meticulous attention to detail. Carefully considering each individual brief, their commissions connect interiors to their building, local area, community and target audience.  

sunainteriordesign.com @sunainteriordesign

About ArtCan

ArtCan is an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation with members across Britain and internationally. ArtCan’s work is supported by the efforts of artist-member volunteers, contributions from Founder Friends and Friends of ArtCan and with the valued guidance of the Board of Trustees.

ArtCan has expertise in producing collaborative art exhibitions in London, across Britain and internationally. The exhibitions complement the work of established galleries by enabling talent to gain experience and skills. ArtCan work with galleries, but also seeks new spaces where art becomes a part of everyday life and with the aim of involving audiences in an organic and personal way.

ArtCan’s artist-centred ethos means that the model does not involve charging membership fees or commissions on sales, to help artists focus on developing a sustainable practice.

For more information about ArtCan head to ArtCan.org.uk @artcanorg



For further information please contact:
Kate Enters, Founder and Director – info@artcan.org.uk

Contact/ Website & social media:
info@artcan.org.uk / www.artcan.org.uk / @ArtCanOrg

About the Curators

Lee Eveson has been working as both an artist and educator for the past twenty years. He has had four different solo exhibitions across London over the last year, appeared on Landscape Artist of the Year (2022) and been a finalist for painting In Visual Arts Open 2020. His practice is painting based and he is strongly influenced by colour and street art.

Jill Desborough attended a foundation course at St Martins where plans to do illustration changed to sculpture, Jill did a degree in 3-Dimensional Mixed Media at Brighton Art College. Since graduating she has worked as a freelance commercial sculptor in diverse fields including film, museums and fine art fabrication for artists.
Throughout she has continued her own practice and exhibited widely including RA Summer Show, RWA, Mall Galleries and was winner of the VAO 2021. She makes sculpture, puppets, etchings and drawings. Dark mythology, folklore and a passion for history all feed her imagination.  Recurrent themes include mortality and ageing, and celebrations of the infinite idiosyncratic diversity of humanity.

Rebecca Tucker lives in Greater London and owns an Interior Design company in Wimbledon. She is a Lancashire born/London based painter, with a BA in Fine Art from Reading University 1996. Her works are the result of a visual ‘discussion’ between abstract and more representational methods of depicting subjects. Recent notable successes include shortlisting for the 2022 Royal Academy Summer Show, shortlisting for the Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2022, selection for the 2021 ING Discerning Eye exhibition, being longlisted in the 2021 Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize and inclusion in Gita Joshi’s ‘Art Seen’ magazine.

About the Gallery

The Crypt Gallery, Euston is one of the most atmospheric and unique galleries in London and hosts a year-round programme of art exhibitions. It’s fabulous central London location right opposite Euston Station is perfect for promoting the work of a wide variety of exhibitors.

The gallery itself is practically untouched, with many of its original features intact. Its intriguing tunnels and secreted spaces provide an intensely atmospheric back drop.


Opening Hours: 12.00 – 18.00 daily