ArtCan Statement – March 2022

The 2020s seem to have thrown everything at us so far.

Many thought that scarcity, tragedy and crisis would drive us to be aggressive and selfish, but in fact we have seen inspirational levels of kindness and a generosity of spirit that has renewed our faith in people around us.

Now once again we are challenged, just as we were trying to stand up again and get back to normality.

Once more we are showing that we hold out a hand to help those who need us most, sharing initiatives with which our artists are involved and flagging links to some other initiatives in this release.

At ArtCan we are a community of artists, in other words a community of creative humans, and we will continue to create ways to help those who need us. Together we stand by the people of Ukraine and all those suffering in conflict zones around the world. Please also remember how difficult this is for Russian nationals – this is not their war but sometimes people do not distinguish the people from the government.

We support our artists who are volunteering, fundraising and creating opportunities to connect with those facing uncertainty, and we will do what we can to lighten the burden.

Please be kind to everyone.

Here is the list of links we can share as resources:

Artists support pledge – for Ukraine

Artists against War in Ukraine – pledge

Thank you!

The Board of Trustees & The ArtCan Team