Artist of the Month: Catherine Pickop

I have been working with mineral pigment, coffee residue and senses for the last couple of years. These mediums allow me to use all my sense, I find it very meditative and therapeutic. Using my body temperature, skin and the pressure of my fingers alone to control the tonal movement in colour is for me, an intimacy between my body, mind, paper and the medium. During my art practice, I always try to explore the line between control and un-control, mechanical and spiritual, conscious and unconscious. I have been particularly influenced by minimalism, including artists like Eva Hesses, Agnes Martin and Bridget Riley.

It is not easy to be an emerging artist, exhibitions opportunities are so precious. It is truly amazing that ArtCan offer opportunities outside the normal gallery structure, this gives us the confidence to stand in front of the audience and talk about our art practice. ArtCan also creates a great platform for artists to thrive and a great community to meet like-minded people.

I think I did kind of overwork in the past and now I am a full-time mother, my studio time for me is very precious. I always dream that all I do is art, every day waking up next to my paintings and start working in the early morning with my pyjamas. However, balancing my family life and art practice is still quite a big topic for me to learn.

My advice to artists at the beginning of their careers is that you have to be honest with yourself and true to your heart. Think less about the outcome (both artwork and career) so you can concentrate on the process. Art is always about inward significance.