Three Days for ArtCan
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Three Days for ArtCan

Three Days for ArtCan

For three days from March 3rd, ArtCan turns the spotlight on… itself!

3 Days for ArtCan will reintroduce the organisation, its core values and activities to friends, members and those who don’t yet know ArtCan.

Since 2013, ArtCan has been creating opportunities for artists through exhibitions and practice development as well as peer-to-peer connections, professional recognition and access to specialist knowledge and support.

3 Days for ArtCan will showcase the outcomes of ArtCan’s response to 2020’s challenges because, despite all that prevented us from coming together to support members and their work in the usual way, ArtCan had a transformational year.

Working in virtual environments increased ArtCan’s flexibility and permeability as an organisation, with the fortunate result that member involvement has become much more direct and decentralised.

Members have connected as an international community to adapt to unprecedented conditions, and thrived by bringing the best of our production, artistic and organisational talents together in ArtCan’s new development and exhibition projects.

3 Days for ArtCan will showcase some of the outcomes including: ArtCan’s new website, a long list of 2021 events and exhibitions and our new hybrid exhibition format, with more to come!


Instagram LIVE – ‘Founder and Director, Kate Enters, in conversation with ArtCan Trustees:

  • 3rd March: 18.00 GMT
  • 4th March at 16.00 and 18.00 GMT
  • 5th March at 18.00 GMT


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ArtCan is an artist-led, non-profit arts organisation creating opportunities for artists through exhibitions and practice development in Britain and internationally. Our exhibitions complement the work of established galleries by enabling talent to gain experience and skills. We work with galleries, but also seek new spaces where art becomes a part of everyday life and with the aim of involving audiences in an organic and personal way.

ArtCan’s artist-centred ethos means that our model does not involve charging membership fees or commissions on sales, to help artists focus on developing a sustainable practice. When you purchase a piece at an ArtCan event, you deal directly with the artist, who receives 100% of the payment.

For further information, please contact: Kate Enters, Founder & Director at


ArtCan is a volunteer-led organisation funded primarily by exhibition fees, sponsorship and our ‘Friends of ArtCan’. Our Friends are a circle of our closest supporters who believe fervently in what we are doing and achieving in today’s society. They provide key, reliable funding to the organisation and in return, we provide them with access to our exhibitions, artists and special events (for example, pre-opening private views, studio tours with artists, or members-only networking events – in person and/or online). Levels of support range from £30 to £1,000. 

To join this dynamic group of supporters, check our Friends of ArtCan page for the level which is right for you or contact Membership Director Hannah Pratt at for full details.

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