Artist of the Month: Laura Fishman

What is your art practice, what themes are you exploring and why?

Since my early devotion to painting, I’ve been motivated by a love of nature and a fascination with paint as a material. My paintings feature colour, texture and movement. I use techniques that involve pouring paint, mimicking dynamic patterns and flow in nature, reminiscent of minerals like marble and agate. I also work with thick layers of texture abstracting compositions inspired by the landscape and seascape. I gravitate toward the abstract in art because it allows me the freedom to interpret the world I see through my own creative lens.

Rhossili Bay by Laura FishmanWhich artists and movements historically have influenced you?

I am definitely influenced by American Abstract Expressionism. Whilst studying in university in New York, I was mentored by abstract expressionist Joop Sanders, friend and apprentice of Willem de Kooning, and the founder of the American Abstract Expressionism group. It was then that I fell in love with the movement. The influence can be seen in my abstract works, with my use of bold colour and intuitive style. Although my use of materials is more contemporary, the foundations of Abstract Expressionism is evident in my works.

How important do you think it is that ArtCan is able to offer opportunities for exhibiting outside of the formal gallery structure?

ArtCan is a very eclectic collective of artists. The connection with other artists outside the the formal gallery structure is a pro-active way to be a part of a community on your own terms, as the art world can be very competitive and exclusive. The organization is evolving organically, which I find very motivating. As artists tend to work alone, it’s a great way for like-minded artists to share ideas and collaborate.

What is your experience like working with ArtCan? And how will it help you in the future?

I’ve had only positive experiences working with ArtCan. When I was on the advisory panel I helped to grow and build the organization from the inside, which I am very proud of. I have formed many friendships and over the years it has grown to become my ‘art family’. I can only see the relationships getting stronger as time goes on.

 What would be your advice for artists starting out in their careers?

For artists starting out in their careers I would say stay true to your passion, and enjoy the ride and commitment to a lifetime journey. Go to exhibitions and see what’s out there that relates to your practice. It’s a good idea to submit your works to open exhibitions that make sense to your work, and to find collectives such as ArtCan to form relationships for support.

What are your aims for 2020 as an artist?  

I am currently devoting my time to a new collection of textural paintings.  My goal is to spend as much time as possible in the studio to develop this series. I’m looking forward to this year’s exhibitions and events with ArtCan – the agenda is more exciting than ever. I will also be participating in the Affordable Art Fairs in London and as opening my house this summer as part of the East Finchley Open Artists.

Look out for my work at upcoming ArtCan exhibition #FakeNews at OffShoot Gallery – check out What’s On.

Instagram: @laurafishmanart

Twitter: @LauraFishman

Facebook: Laura Fishman Art