Artist of the month: Kira Phoenix K’inan

ArtCan are pleased to introduce you to our artist, Kira Phoenix K’inan. We recently caught up with her to discuss her motivation as an artist and her personal practise and future plans. Enjoy! 

What is your art practice and what themes are you exploring and why?

I am a mixed media artist working with Glass, Painting, Drawing, Photography and Performance. Since studying at The Royal College of Art I have been focusing on developing my glass practice and have had so many fantastic opportunities since, including several solo and group exhibitions, and being able to take part in two residencies (4 months at Konstfack University and 10 months at Edinburgh College of Art). Glass gives me the opportunity to translate my two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional sculptures and explore the vibrancy of glass colour. My glass drawings also allow me to bridge between art and craft, which gives me the chance to explore many themes within my work, from our natural environment to personal traumas.

Kira Phoenix K’inan in action


Which artists and movements historically have influenced you?

Within my work I explore the act of twisting lines and forms together creating works that are in a constant visual flux. Taking visual cues from practitioners of the Futurism art movement, especially painters Umberto Boccioni, Luigi Russolo, Gino Severini, Joseph Stella and Carlo Carrà, I use line and colour to create dynamic movement that keeps the viewer’s eye tracking its course.

How important do you think it is that ArtCan is able to offer opportunities for exhibiting outside of the formal gallery structure?

The art world has always been changing and evolving, so I think ArtCan is perfectly situated to be able to support artists not represented by galleries. Having the freedom that is offered by ArtCan makes for a very enjoyable experience.


Magenta Type 6, 2018, Glass
Collateral Beauty In White, 2018, Glass











What is your experience like working with ArtCan? And how will it help you in the future?

Since working with ArtCan I have had an amazing opportunity to exhibit with fellow member artists in different locations across London, showcase the variety within my practice and be part of a growing creative community. As the community grows it opens up new opportunities in the UK and across the globe, which every artist who is part of ArtCan can benefit from.

Do you have to balance your art practice with a day job or other work? If so, do you feel this is just the way an artist has to survive these days?

I am an artist and one to one tutor. Being a one to one freelance tutor gives me the chance to share my knowledge and be in the best possible mindset to work on my own practice. Personally, it is important to have a separate job from my creative practice to remove any possible stress that comes from requiring your artwork to sustain you.

I Wanted To Take The Ocean With Me, 2015, Glass
I Wanted To Take The Ocean With Me 7, 2015, Glass













What would be your advice for artists starting out in their careers?

Work hard. You have to be willing to put the work in, network, be proactive in your creative practice, apply for opportunities and follow up on opportunities. Surround yourself with supportive and honest friends that keep you grounded and help you when you ask. Always help your creative friends who are working just as hard as you are. We all need to support each other.Know your strengths and weaknesses. If you need help with your yearly tax get help from a reliable source that you trust.Ask friends and family to proof read your applications and any other documents, as it makes a huge difference to have the correct spelling and grammar when making an application or sending copy for publishing. Take high quality images of your process and artwork, as they will stand out when applying for opportunities, can be used in social media posts and any other promotional material. Create a website that you can easily up-date yourself and put your work on all social media sites, including Instagram. Have your own terms, conditions and protocols for your art practice so you are never caught out by a bad deal or a negative opportunity. Always read the fine print of any document and if something is missing from the document flag it up before you sign anything.Trust your gut instinct. Make sure you have full coverage insurance for your studio, artwork, transportation, exhibitions, fairs and public indemnity.  Don’t feel rejected if you are not accepted to take part in an opportunity, there are so many out there and the right ones will find you. Finally, you will make a lot of mistakes along the way, embrace every single one, as it will make you a stronger artist, better business person and help you in the long run.

Kira Phoenix K’inan in action

What are your aims for 2019/2020 as an artist?  

To set up a full time studio where I can make all my work, teach workshops, be a keynote speaker, continue to tutor one to one, travel to new locations to take part in more residencies, collaborate with other artists working in different mediums and continue to exhibit.

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