Alison J Carr’s diversity of approach | ArtCan Artist Feature

Words and photos by Alison J Carr, ArtCan artist

I work in a diverse number of ways. Making art feels like a component of a much larger practice for me, in which I teach, perform, and write. Even within my practice, each project involves a process of negotiating new methods—I seem to work differently with everything I do. This can be disorientating for me, and my practice doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

This diversity of approach contrasts the focused investigation underpinning my artwork. I’m interested in the aesthetics of theatre and entertainment, as well as the commitment of radical politics. My artwork disrupts the stream of images of women that we are surrounded by in across media, which reiterate the connection between perfect female bodies and commodification. I create opportunities for audiences to connect with more authentic pleasures of bodies, to give them a space to enjoy bodies that are flawed and glamorous, sentient and powerful, bodies like those they admire and those they have, creating moments of permission and pleasure.

ArtCan supports me through it’s ongoing peer-led professional development platforms, which enable artists to do what they do, with increased exposure. Working with ArtCan challenges me with exhibition opportunities to trial new works and approaches. It’s also given me a space to get my head around selling my work—both in terms of the exhibition, but also equipping me with tools to better use social media. And it’s through social media of ArtCan exhibitions and using #artcanhour that has led to me connecting with my audience and selling my work.