44 ArtWorks at 44 Hallam Street

By Kate Enters, curator, “44 ArtWorks at 44 Hallam Street”

Exhibition opportunities often appear when you least expect them. The ArtCan team strive to find unique exhibition platforms for their artist members, and we’ve found it’s often a result of ‘who you know’. A wonderful result of having a vibrant network of artists — who are themselves active within society — means that we sometimes don’t need to look very far.

On this occasion we were introduced to 44 Hallam Street through our member artist, Laura Gompertz. Laura joined ArtCan at the end of 2016 and in addition to the ArtCan programme has participated in an impressive number of exhibitions. One such opportunity was working with Cavendish Venues, operator of 44 Hallam Street, to fill their conference space with her art. When her residency ended she kindly recommended ArtCan and our exhibition “44 ArtWorks at 44 Hallam Street” became a reality.

We are very aware that we need to work alongside other like-minded and enlightened organisations to extend our reach and to continue to grow. This also enables all parties to reach new audiences and networks: further sharing the messages and aims of our organisations. A conference centre has a footfall of around 500 people per day and this beautifully matches with our mission of bringing art to new audiences and beginning creative conversations outside formal gallery spaces.

Photo from 44 ArtWorks at 44 Hallam Street Private View

Being given blank wall space is a delight for any artist and the Cavendish Venues team at 44 Hallam Street are truly an exceptional team. Their appreciation and excitement about seeing our 44 ArtWorks being placed within their space was inspirational. It was more than just being relieved to have their walls filled with colour again; they are genuinely delighted to have the chance to encounter and discover new artists, and were excited to provide a unique topic of conversation for their visitors.

This exciting partnership does so much for the development of ArtCan: every new person who sees what we do is another ripple in our sea that ensures we are constantly reaching new people and continuing the ArtCan conversation.

We hope that other conference spaces and corporate bodies recognise the vibrancy and celebration that can be had from filling their walls with engaging contemporary art works. Contact us if you know of a space — and we will make it happen!

ArtCan’s six-month art exhibition residency, “44 ArtWorks at 44 Hallam Street” runs now through December 2017 at 44 Hallam Street, London, W1W 6JJ.